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Sweet as Sugar Candle

Sweet as Sugar Candle

Product Details

As some of you may know, I had a very good friend pass away this year at the young age of 45 from metastatic breast cancer. There is no cure for this type of cancer! And it really hit hard. This after I lost my own mother to metastatic ovarian cancer 15 years ago!
I created an amazing scented candle based on the scent in the boutique and named it “Sweet as Sugar” after my friend Sara as that is what her father called her - and that is the truth, she always was sweet as sugar.

I want to continue the fight to not only raise awareness of breast cancer, but also advocate for early detection and also donate to my friend’s desired organization - which lobbies for research and funding of metastatic breast cancer patients. Don’t count out stage 4.

A portion of the proceeds / sales from each of these candles will be donated to for the fight against metastatic breast and ovarian cancer! .

The candle is a blend of bergamont, jasmine, citrus and a touch of musk. It is a light, airy scent that just about everyone that walks into the shop notices and comments how amazing it smells. So now your homes can smell like the boutique!